Driveway Reflective Led Reflector Solar Road Stud

Basic Info:

Model: TYNDD14
Size: Φ123*23mm
Material: PC 
Weight: 260g


Name Solar Road Stud
Shell materials polycarbonate
Material of solar panel shell PC
Material of body inside White epoxy glue filled in
Size Dia 123*H23mm
Unit Weight 260g
Solar cell Monocrystalline
Battery type Heat-resistant Li Battery
Battery circle life 2000 circle ( over 5 years)
Working temperature -20’C~70’C
LED frequency Steady light or Flashing light
LED dimension 5mm
LED Quantity 3 LEDs for one way & Six LEDs for two ways
LED Color Red, yellow, white, blue and green
Luminous intensity Over 5000 mcd
Working time Over 72 hours after a full charge
Time to fully charge 8 hours at 100,000’lux (Full sun)
Viewing distance Over 1000m
Compressive strength Over 10 Ton
Starting Intensity 500 Lux
Waterproof IP 68
Application situation Edge line or road sides
Life in use 3-5 years
Warranty One year